Company Registration Services

NT Consultant Company Limited is an expert in Company Registration such as One-Day Company Registration, Apply for Food and Drug Administration license (Aor-Yor), apply for a license to operate factory, apply trademarks.

NT Consultant Company Limited is comprised of professionals in many fields such as Visas, Work permits, Company Registration, Accounting, Tax, Investment, and Law. We are committed to  delivering the best service to every customer. Therefore,  the company has accepted from the customer both in Thailand and foreigners for more than five years.

NT Consultant Company Limited provide Visa Services and Work Permit in Thailand including Business consulting,  accounting, tax, Company Registration, and Law. We focuses on friendly service mind and understand and solve customer issues on the point. Therefore, We have gained the trust from the customers.


Registration Services

  1. Apply for license with Board of investment (BOI)
  2. Apply for license with Food and Drug Administration
  3. Apply for factory operation license
  4. Apply for trade mark (Trade mark)

Company Registration Services

  1. Register Memorandum of Association as well as register a limited company within one day.
  2. Amend and add additional directors and director’s authorities.
  3. Revise or add company limited’s address.
    3.1 Move the office within the same province
    3.2 Move the office to other provinces
  4. Add or revise a company seal
    4.1 Add or revise a company seal
    4.2 Add or revise a company seal to be more than one seal
  5. Revise or add name and company seal.
  6. Revise or add company’s objectives
  7. Revise or add information in the Memorandum of Association numbers 1, 2, and 3, office address, and seal.
  8. Revise or add more information in the Memorandum of Association number 5 (conversion of shares)
  9. Revise or add special resolution to add capital, or add capital and memorandum of association number 5.
  10. Additional Revision of company’s capital reduction
    10.1 Special resolution to reduce capital
    10.2 Reduce capital and memorandum of association number 5.
  11. Revise or add regulations
  12. Register company dissolution
  13. Register revision, addition, or assignation or change of Liquidator or liquidator’s authorities or change of office address of liquidator.
  14. Liquidation and company’s liquidation registration
  15. Combine company registration
    15.1 Special resolution to combine companies
    15.2 Combine companies