Legal Services


Civil and Commercial cases

  1. Loan and Money
  2. Mortgage
  3. Breach of Real Estate Sale Contract
  4. Hire Purchase Cars and Products
  5. Breach of Contract
  6. Property and Land Lease
  7. Cancellation of Fraudulent Acts
  8. Money Claim from DishonouredCheque
  9. Adverse possession of registered/unregistered land claims
  10. Appoint a Personal Representative of an Estate
  11. Will and Probate
  12. Child Adoption
  13. Child Support Claim
  14. Divorce Claim
  15. Marital Property Litigation
  16. Claim for Compensation from Spouse’s Adulterous Partner
  17. Legitimation of Child
  18. Co-Ownership Dispute
  19. Trespass to Land and Property
  20. Ejectment of Trespasser or based upon Contract
  21. Tort- Personal Injury, Car Accident
  22. Cancellation of Document of Title
  23. Division of an Estate Litigation
  24. Annulment
  25. Claim for Broker’s Commission and Wage
  26. Spousal Support
  27. Claim of Easement by Necessity
  28. Claim of a Servitude of Way
  29. Public Right of Way Claim
  30. Cancellation of Ordinary Shares
  31. Breach of Credit Card Contract, Excessive Overdraft, Mortgage, Financial Guarantee

Criminal cases

  1. Document Alteration
  2. Trading Violation
  3. Assault and Battery
  4. Theft
  5. Offence of Receiving Stolen Properties
  6. Snatching
  7. Robbery
  8. Embezzlement
  9. Conjoint Robbery
  10. Fraud
  11. Blackmail
  12. Extortion
  13. Malicious Damage
  14. Trespass
  15. Drug Crimes
  16. Crimes Against Forest Law Enforcement
  17. Immigration law
  18. Cheque
  19. Firearm case law
  20. Offence of Causing Death by Reckless Driving
  21. Rape
  22. Intended to Commit Murder
  23. Attempted Murder
  24. Libel action against an Officer
  25. Assault and Battery on an Officer
  26. Defamation

Other Laws

  • Intellectual Property and International Trade
  • Bankruptcy Law
  • Tax Law
  • Employment Law

Other cases include legal contract drafting services

  1. Land Sale Contract
  2. General Land Sale Contract
  3. Mortgage Contract
  4. Hire Purchase Contract
  5. Loan Contract
  6. Financial Guarantee Contract

We provide legal aids and consults for many companies and business outlets.

We are also coordinating with government sectors to process all types of document for registration and license.